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Rebloging this funny, fanstic and true view of Jeff Fitzgeralds West Viriginas love of “EYE-Talian” food. Thank you Jeff for thinking about what makes our state so wonderful…. really it is its people and their love of food

JEFF FITZGERALD (this article was first published August 2, 2012)


Miners’ children playing. U.S. Coal and Coke Company, Gary Mines, Gary, McDowell County, West Virginia; 1946, photographed by Russell Lee; via Wikimedia Commons.


When one thinks about the hardscrabble coalfields of southern West Virginia, the first thought that comes to mind is usually not Italian food. Unless one is eating Italian food while reading an article, such as this one, about the hardscrabble coalfields of southern West Virginia.  Because why wouldn’t you? Everyone likes Italian food, and many people enjoy articles about folks who generally have it worse than they do. It’s like a double dose of comfort.

What I’m saying is this…

When West Virginia asserted its independence from Virginia in 1863, mostly because  it was tired of being known as Virginia’s rustic backyard, it remained one of the most homogeneous[1] states in the Union throughout…

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